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P90X Half Way There!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

P90X Lean

I know I have totally neglected this page. . .BUT I want to update it :)

Day 8 of P90X Lean: \

I started P90X Lean a week ago. I had pulmonary testing done and it seems as though my lazy winter took its i am whipping it into gear. I will try to post a few pics but my schedule is a little crazy so no promises. I am feeling great though and I'm hoping my lung funtions improve with a little push. :O

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm a slacker!!!

This summer was rough...I started full time nail tech school. That was time consuming but freaking amazing and fun! After school I got shingles (horrible). Then focused time on preparing to start my business while also working very long hours running our families spook alley. Just when I thought I would have time to focus on exercise....I sprained my ankle badly and I'm in my 4th week of six wearing a walking cast. but once this cast is off.....I'm back at it. P90x second round. I found some great weights to use that go from 2.5lbs-15lbs in a matter of seconds! Woohoo!!! My parents have a treadmill across the street so I'll utilize that as well...with my iPod set on lady gaga, I'll be on my way to muscle tone, healthy lungs and a sexy body :)

Happy holidays everyone!!! Stay healthy!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Next Saturday

Well. . .it's almost time. My 5K is Saturday the 18th, I can't believe how quickly it has snuck up on me. I have been training a little but not as aggressive as I did for my 1st one. I will just do my best and see how it goes. I'm sure I'll jog a little and walk a little until I cross the finish line. The main thing is that I finish. It's been a crazy last few months. I started working part time to earn money to pay for my summer college course and the weather here has been cold up until just a week or so ago. I've been running a couple days a week and I have been building leg strength doing leg presses. My legs are REALLY out of shape from this winter. . .it's frustrating.

I start class a week from today. This is also my last week at my job since I figured full time school would be as much as I dare take on at once.

So I guess I'll post my 5K results. . .hopefully I can finish under 45 minutes. lol

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am runnin'

My 5k is quickly approaching....and I'm trying to get my legs & body in shape. I'm running both on the treadmill and today it was finally warm enough for my first 'road run' I did a little over a mile and it KICKED MY A**. No really, I felt the burn in my butt, calves and knees. My lungs are also needing whipped into heart rate gets high when I'm running, but that means I'm burning calories :)

I've gained an unusual amount of weight in a short period of time. I'm weighing in at close to 115 lbs which is about a gain of close to 10 lbs in the last 3 months. I like the weight but it needs to be firmed and toned, lol. I'll keep posting my progression as I work towards the 5K.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another 5k!!

I needed some motivation to get exercising regularly again so I registered for another 5k. May 18th is the BIG DAY so that gives me 2 months to whip my body and lungs into shape. My only goal for this race is to beat my last 5k time, which I will have to look up. lol I started running/training last week and so far so good. I'm running 3 times a week and started plyometrics a couple times a week to help build strength in my legs and butt. I'm really looking forward to completing another race, I'm no "athlete" but I do my best and that's always good enough :)