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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vibram Treksport

So I got my new Vibrams and I was smart and gave them a day of wear before I went outside and did much with them. Something was wrong with the right shoe. The left shoe fit perfectly, but the right one pinched my pinky toe so much it was literally unbearable. I took them back and traded them for an exact pair/size/style/color. I walked around the store in them for about 15 minutes to see if they hurt my foot too.  Luckily they didn't so the store switched them out. I wore them around the apartment all day yesterday to make sure they weren't going to hurt and they never did. So tomorrow will be the first day I try them out on the treadmill :) If it warms back up here than I will probably head out for some nice road/trail running. There is a lot more of that here than where we lived in Phoenix!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Vibrams!

So I used some Christmas Gift and bought myself a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers becuase I love my other ones so much. I seriously have worn them 80% of the time in the last year I have had them :) I think I have only bought one other pair of shoes I loved his much and those were my London Underground chunky leather sandals back in High School! :)

Okay so these new vibrams are set up more for running/cross training and trail running! Which I plan on doing more of here in Norman. I also have a rumor for anyone who follows this blog. . .which isn't very many people haha.

Transplant Games 2012. . . . . . .I haven't heard anything 'official' and this is a rumor, but from a pretty reliable source. . . . . .one word. . . . . .Pittsburgh!!! I am seriously really hoping this ends up being true becuase of course I got my lungs there and I know the area, so it would be easy for me get there and get some of my family to go and support me!!!! hooray! I will post the 'official' transplant location when it's announced.

Here's to training for the 2012 games in my new Vibrams!!!!