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P90X Half Way There!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transplant Games 2010. . .

The transplant games started today/tonight I am not exactly sure. I am a little disappointed that I am not there. I had really wanted to be there, but with all the crazy things life throws at us it just wasn't a possibility. I didn't want to go alone & in all honesty I wouldn't want to be there without my biggest supporter through my transplant. . .Bryan. He has promised we will make it to the 2012 games. I am hoping that they are a little farther west, well I guess at this point we don't really know where we'll be living for sure ~

*I will need the 2 years to continue working on getting all my physical strength/endurance back :) It's crazy how fast I lost it and how slowly I have gained it back. Small price to pay I guess.

I am glad that those who have the privilege of being there this next week have a great time, create timeless memories, reach goals and inspire those around them with their incredible strength! Good Luck everyone at the games and I will see ya'll in 2 years. . .I promise!

Monday, July 26, 2010

paying off

My workouts seem to be paying off. I am not sure if I can completely eliminate my little tummy pooch. . . that I can thank prednisone for (the camera angle really hides it). Here is a pic of me in a two piece swimsuit. I have more muscle tone than I did last year for sure. And my legs have firmed up quite a bit. I honestly never saw this much weight on my body before. . . . .I think I look 'normal' so no complaints here :) I think I am tipping the scales around 105 lbs. I also think it's great that my scars look good enough ya can barely see them even with this swimsuit on!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bare it all!!

okay, well not really. But this morning I did get up early and ride Princess bareback(no saddle). It is such a great leg, back, core workout. It is extremely difficult especially when we set up jumps and yes I jump her bareback as well. I really, really trust Princess and know she will not hurt me. I am really going to miss riding when I return to Phoenix next week. . . I will just have to fill my canteen while I am here!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Riding, Riding. . .and more riding!

Lately I have been blessed to have some time to spend with family and friends in Idaho. I have not been getting in much of a 'traditional' workout, but one of my all time favorite kinds of exercise! I have been out riding my 3yr old palomino almost every day since the weekend of the 4th. Pixydust and I not only look good together, but really seem to have a special connection. She truly is a blessing in my post-transplant life. Riding works muscles that I honestly don't think I could work any other way. My strength and stamina in the saddle have improved a lot since I first got here. It not only fun, but in a lot of ways just simply amazing! Such freedom, such a wonderful sensation to be as one with the horse and feel the power that they have yet they choose to share it with us. Horses are and always will be a HUGE part of my life! I am thankful to be so blessed.