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P90X Half Way There!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pain is Good!

I am actually still pretty sore from my workout on saturday. . .but in such a good way. I feel good even though most of my muscles in my body hurt :) I posted on my "Jamiebug" blog but I will post here too. I think I am going to go to school and shoot for a Health and Fitness Science degree!! I think it will be a good fit. . .a lot of work, but worth it. I will benefit and I could help others and inspire them to be healthier and fit.

Today I hit the gym and did 20 minutes on the elyptical  machine, a good 6 minute cool down walk on the treadmill, some leg presses along with some bench presses. . . so a good solid workout. It's awesome having a friend to workout with, it's WAAAAY more fun.  University of Oklahoma Health and Fitness program is having a 10K race in March. . .I am debating whether to try to do it, I probably will even if I have to walk most of it. Why not right? I don't have anything to prove.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

major workout day

Today my friend Shelli and I drove into Oklahoma City to check out a Pole Fitness class. It was different than what I was used to in Phoenix at "Pink Fitness". This class was definately more about focusing on stretching and building the "right" muscles to be able to do Pole Fitness. I learned something new though. I learned how to climb the pole and sit. I have the bruises to prove it :) Coumidin tends to make me bruise easily. My shoulders and arms are feeling it already! We have decided to take their 'Pole Kitten' class next time which will focus on more spins and moves. I am probably a level 2 or close to that but I will take their 'beginning' level class to see how well I do. This is such an amazing full body workout and also a HUGE self image booster. It's empowering and sensual. What woman doesn't want to feel like that :)

I didn't just go to class. . .Shelli wanted to also hit the gym and get a good lower body workout too. So we did that. I did a 25 minute treadmill run/walk. I am doing good with the 'couch to 5K' schedule. I am building endurance a little bit at a time. Slow and steady. I may be pretty sore for a couple days, but I enjoy all the great ways to really keeping my workout interesting, fun, and never boring :) 

Well my arms are just about too sore to keep typing. . just kidding. . but they are sore! Awwwww, love the pain of muscle and strength building in my body!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Treadmill-ing Time!

It was pretty nice outside but I didn't get out for my run till later. . I had kinda a bad day yesterday you can read about it HERE. Anyways despite my little setback I still mustered up the energy to hit the gym and ran on the treadmill. I am a little sore from my previous run, so I did more walking than running but still did over a mile. (20 minutes on treadmill).  I was at the the casting office all afternoon and figured it would be a good day to take as my "resting day".  I will definitely fit a workout/run in tomorrow and on Saturday I am going to take a pole aerobics class with my friend. The only classes we found were in Oklahoma City which is about 30 minutes away, so not too bad. I am in for some major sore shoulders, back, biceps and triceps!!!! My legs might not be too sore cuz I have been working them pretty good lately.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am not a slacker

I haven't posted here for a week. . .but that doesn't mean I was slacking off :) Nope, I have actually put in a good workout almost every day. Since I posted about my blistered feet, I have gone for another run on the treadmill and did 20 minutes. I am going to really push to be ready to run a 5K in the spring. . .April/May-ish. I haven't found one to register yet. There is several in Oklahoma City, but I would like to find one closer to Norman. Oklahoma City is about 30-45 minutes away, so it's do-able. 

I have been really getting into utilizing my Wii Fit and as I get used to some of the workouts I find myself fitting in a good 30 minute workout daily. I am mostly working towards muscle tone and aerobic to keep my lungs in great shape! Oh, and working towards tight, flat abs :) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Okay so Yesterday I was busy shopping and buying things to make Bryan a special Valentines dinner and didn't get a run in. However, today was even more beautiful and I DID make it out to run. I wore my new vibrams. . .I love the way it feels to run in them. My legs don't hurt much when I run but my feet were killing me!! Apparently my shoes need to be broke in a LOT more. I am looking into buying socks that are made to be worn with vibrams, I think that would cure it at least until I can tolerate them barefoot. Anyone have any tips on how to avoid getting blisters? lol

Monday, February 14, 2011

Baby it's warm outside!

I definitely think it's beautiful outside enough to do a run outside!! I haven't been out much at all since I have had a lingering cold, but today was the day I was going to get started again. My cough is completely gone but my body and muscles are feeling the "lack of moving around". I probably won't be able to run too far or too long, but I have to start somewhere. This will be the first time I will be running with my Christmas Vibrams :) It's about time I put some mileage on them!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Gotta Motivate

So. . .I am actually feeling pretty ashamed. My last post here was 4 weeks ago, I can't believe that because that means it's been over 4 weeks since I "worked out" last. I guess I have got my Wii fitness stamps several times in the last couple weeks. I am just starting to feel like this cold I have been down with is starting to finally come to an end.  No more coughing up crummy looking junk and my head is not nearly as stuffy! I should be back on the treadmill by first of next week.  I'm just going to take a second to remind myself of a couple goals/new years resolutions that I made to myself. . . .

1- 6 pack abs!
2- Firm Butt
3- Shapely Legs
4- overall muscle tone
5- No more muffin top (even it is a little one)
6- 2012 Transplant Games (that will take me this year and next year to prep for it)

I just really need to get motivated again. I can feel my physical endurance slipping, and my couch potato figure needs to end~ Only a couple months until bikini season :) So come Monday I am done resting, my body better be ready to kick it into high gear.