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P90X Half Way There!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I recently went to Pittsburgh for my annual post transplant clinic and my LUNGS look fantabulous! My FVC was 113% and my fev1 was 94% can't ask for better results to celebrate my 5 yr ttransplant anniversary :)

My weight is good and a little higher. I weighed in at 109 lbs which is good considering I'm only 5'0". It also got me thinking. . .I love my weight but I would love it even more if it was more muscle and less squishy. I admit I have been REALLY slacking on my workouts so I decided to find my motivation.

Day ONE (again) of P90X
Chest and Back
AB Ripper X

I already feel the pain and I finished the workout less than an hour ago. Here's to 89 more days of dedication and extreme pain :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

It's been a while. . .

I have totally neglected this blog. . . I haven't been completely neglecting exercise, well not COMPLETELY haha.

I have been crazy busy with moving. I was planning on running the 5K to cure diabetes in Oklahoma, but we moved to Idaho before that so I guess I'll have to find another 5K to do in the spring. :) I am excited about being home for a couple reasons. I have been riding my horse a lot and I LOVE that! Also the locally owned gym here is just $10 a month and they offer a freaking amazing class called Targit I have mentioned it before and I'm excited to be able to go to class. I am also hoping to be fit in some lap swimming at our small city pool. . .I used to teach swim lessons at this pool back when I was like 18-19yrs old. haha!

I am going to really try to keep up on this blog and my workouts! I have enjoyed almost 5 years with my new lungs and staying active & working out plays a big role in keeping them healthy for another 5x5x5 years :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Y. . .because it feels so good!

Today I got home from work and instead of watching TV or getting on the internet (FB) I put on my Nike Free runs, my Nike workout shirt and some shorts and hit the YMCA! The pool was crazy busy so I passed up that today and opted for a treadmill workout. 20+ minutes then I did strength training and concentrated on my shoulders, back, triceps and biceps!! Yeah, I might be really sore tomorrow. ..and that's how I like it!

I am in the process of making a really cute weekly workout board. I am wanting to buy some great motivational workout posters for my workout room so I can really stay motivated! I have my pole in my room for my pole fitness and I did a big vinyl mural to decorate it up a little. ..whatcha think?
I'm going to decorate in zebra print, black and magenta pink! It's going to be so cute once I get it all done. A litle at a time :) I gotta get my resistance bands and dumbells set up too and eventually a flat panel tv to use for P90X and stuff while I work out! WHOOHOO!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I've been working out. .just not blogging about it

I joined the YMCA! I pretty much joined for the opportunity to utilize their lap swimming :) I am really out of shape when it comes to swimming. The first day I went I could only do about 3 laps (300 meters). The second time I went I had my own lane and could swim at MY pace with a few more breaks in between lengths. . .so I did about 6 laps (600 meters), I will slowly build up to where I want to be.

I also enjoy their indoor track! I ran/walked on it the other day and did about 1/2 mile but that was because It was the same day I had swam so I didn't want to overdue it. So despite me completely forgetting to blog about my latest workouts I am doing it AND enjoying it!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting started again. .

I feel like I repeat "getting started" a lot. haha, but the key is I don't stop and then just 'give up'. Even if I have to start over with my workout goals every couple of months that just means I don't get frustrated and say "to H3LL with it" LOL

Sometimes I feel discouraged and sure I'm not perfect at my working out. . but what I do is better than doing nothing. HOWEVER, that being said, It's starting to get REALLY nice here and just the other day I did an hour pole workout along with a nice walk/run around my new neighborhood :) I stopped in at the YMCA to look into a membership. They have a pool and LOTS of workout machines, free weights, an indoor track and many different classes. The monthly dues are a little steep but since it has the pool and the indoor track AND weights then I'm tempted.

HERE"S TO "starting again"

Friday, February 17, 2012

I gotta get training!

I have taken some time off and it shows. haha. I weigh the most I EVER have my entire life. . .I look good, but I need to get motivated. I'm planning on competing at the 2012 transplant games in Grand Rapids, MI at the end of July. . .that doesn't give me a whole lotta time to get into tip top shape. The next couple weeks are going to be crazy since my husband and I are moving into a rental house and out of our apartment (YAAAAY) So it's going to be tough to fit in a workout. . .however, starting Monday I'm going to work harder. Even if that's just walking on the treadmill or doing a modified P90X workout. I'm going to do something!!!

If you want to learn about the 2012 Transplant Games and donate to help me go check out my jamiebug blog.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bryan worked out with me :)

Today I didn't have to work out alone :) Bryan went to the gym with me and we did 30 minutes on the treadmill. I also did a mile on the elliptical and then finished my 30 minutes on the treadmill. I could really get used to this! I am hoping Bryan will continue to work out with me, it's so much more fun when I have a work out buddy!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I was Runnin'

Well, it's been a big break for me. . .I have been struggling a little cuz of a nasty head cold that moved into my lungs a little. I wanted to make sure my body was up to being pushed again. Today I felt motivated and headed to the gym to hit the treadmill. I ran about 5 minutes and my lungs felt great!! No shortness of breath at all, however my calves HURT like crazy~ Especially my right leg. So I walked at a comfortable pace for about 30 total. It will be a slow process of getting my muscles used to running again. I am also hoping to incorporate some quality lap swimming where I can focus on improving my strokes as well as building stamina. I just have to wait until I can afford a pass at the OU fitness/aquatic center. It's like $70 but for $20 more I can get a family pass and then Bryan can go with me. Eventually I want to pick up a nice road/speed bike, but for now running will be enough.

I REALLY want a new pair of Vibrams though!!! They have a new style out that is similair to the Bakiilla but it laces up & they fit me REALLY nicely. They have them in a super cute lilac purple! I ran in my Nike's today and I think that's one reason my legs hurt so bad. My Treksports are good, but the new ones are specifically designed for comfort while running. My Treksports rub on my heal unless I tape my heal, so that kinda stinks!

Anyways, hopefully I won't have any more set backs and I can really start of 2012 focusing on getting into top shape.