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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Found my motivation. . .it was lost!


Today I was sitting on the couch playing on the computer like I have been doing to way to many days which have now turned into weeks. . .

Just about a month ago, I was working out really regularly. I had a set workout program I was sticking to impressibility well and started to see some great results. Somehow along the way these last 4-6 weeks, I seemed to have misplaced my motivation. I could not seem to find it anywhere. I was content to just seriously sit in one spot on the couch for hours at a time~ WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME??? I have been wanting to start up my workout for some time now. Lesson learned,'don't break your workout routine'. I am pretty sure I can trace it back to the day when I told myself it was okay to just skip one day, then two wouldn't hurt. . . and pretty soon my new routine was sitting on the computer, eating junk, and feeling bad about it.

Not anymore! I guess what happened was I listened to my own advise. I have goals I have set and no one can force me to reach them except myself. I can't wait around for someone to motivate me or be my workout partner. If I wait on others then I have only given myself an excuse when I don't go. . . and that's not the way to accomplish great things. So today I dug out my running shoes, put on my new workout clothes I got for Christmas and got off my butt~ I started my workout program over. I ran 2 minutes and walked 2 minutes for 20 minutes doing just over a mile. I was surprised that it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I guess I retained some endurance (not a lot). One step at a time. . . one day at a time. . . .that's what I need to focus on and always be looking forward to my goals I have set~

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