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P90X Half Way There!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I recently went to Pittsburgh for my annual post transplant clinic and my LUNGS look fantabulous! My FVC was 113% and my fev1 was 94% can't ask for better results to celebrate my 5 yr ttransplant anniversary :)

My weight is good and a little higher. I weighed in at 109 lbs which is good considering I'm only 5'0". It also got me thinking. . .I love my weight but I would love it even more if it was more muscle and less squishy. I admit I have been REALLY slacking on my workouts so I decided to find my motivation.

Day ONE (again) of P90X
Chest and Back
AB Ripper X

I already feel the pain and I finished the workout less than an hour ago. Here's to 89 more days of dedication and extreme pain :)

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