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P90X Half Way There!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Off and Running!!!

First of all, Jamie already has a leg up on me! Way to go! Here I thought I would be hounding you! Second of all I would like to thank Jamie for including me in her endeavors! I am truly blessed to have a friend like her! I thank the Lord everyday for bringing us back together as friends.

Ok on with my progress!

Well, I finally got up off my butt and got to work! Today I ran, well jogged for a mile and then did a mile on the elliptical and then lifted weights for 45 minutes. I am not too concerned about the running and biking, but the swimming scares me to death! I am an OK swimmer, meaning I know how to swim. I never swim and HATE HATE HATE getting into a bathing suit! Maybe after all is said and done I won't mind looking at myself in the mirror with a swim suit on!
Tomorrow I plan to see how far I can jog without killing myself! I also plan to call the local pool to see what time lap swim is. Cross your fingers that I do not drown! LOL!!!

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  1. WOW! You did a lot today. . .had to take your mind off your baby boy going to school??? Thanks for all the nice things you say~ I am thankful we "re-united" Your definately a one in a bagillion friends.