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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gonna hit it hard!

My family that has been in town are getting ready to go back to Idaho. I am sad about that, but on the other hand I plan on hitting my workout hard everyday since my distractions will be reduced. I have to really start working on my running and swimming since those are what I am hoping to compete in at the Transplant Games in July. I guess team Arizona got registrations and the hotel rooms booked!! I wasn't able to make it to the team meeting, but maybe I can catch the next one! I am actually feeling a little lost about all the details. I don't really know what the team is expecting or needs from me. I have Decals and a link to donate money to help pay my expenses to the Games on my jamiebug blog link. So come next week (Monday) I will be hitting my routine Hard! NO SLACKING!

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