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Monday, February 15, 2010

Much Improvement!

I did my run today at the gym on the treadmill (like always) but today I saw improvement with my stamina!! I did my warm up walk which is my walk to the gym, then a short walk on the treadmill (1 minute or so). I decided rather than doing my usual 2 min. running 2 min walking routine I would just run as long as I could comfortably then walk a little then run again. . and so on. I was surprised at how long I was able to run! I think I ran with better form and a more comfortable speed which helped. My legs really didn't hurt like usual. I ran about 4-5 minutes before slowing down! A lot of improvement. I mostly slowed down because my face was bright red. I am still out of shape enough to get super overheated. All said and done I think I only walked 3 times and all times for less than about 1 minute at a time :) I completed my 1 mile in about 14 minutes. Then did a 6 minute cool down walk. I think that shaved off about 2 minutes!!! So YA! for me. Tomorrow. . . I am going to bike and Wednesday I will shoot for a 14 minute mile??? Shave a minute off? Well, my goal will be to shave a minute off by next week (more realistic). My goal is to do a 6 minute mile! Also to run 3 miles continuously (not 6 minute miles) . . . . .just be able to complete them.

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