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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transplant Games 2010. . .

The transplant games started today/tonight I am not exactly sure. I am a little disappointed that I am not there. I had really wanted to be there, but with all the crazy things life throws at us it just wasn't a possibility. I didn't want to go alone & in all honesty I wouldn't want to be there without my biggest supporter through my transplant. . .Bryan. He has promised we will make it to the 2012 games. I am hoping that they are a little farther west, well I guess at this point we don't really know where we'll be living for sure ~

*I will need the 2 years to continue working on getting all my physical strength/endurance back :) It's crazy how fast I lost it and how slowly I have gained it back. Small price to pay I guess.

I am glad that those who have the privilege of being there this next week have a great time, create timeless memories, reach goals and inspire those around them with their incredible strength! Good Luck everyone at the games and I will see ya'll in 2 years. . .I promise!

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