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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early Mornings & Late Nights

I can't believe how much I am gone now. I usually have to be up and ready to leave by about 8:30am cuz I have over an hour drive. . . . we wrap usually around 10:30 or so later and then I have my hour + drive home. It's a tough schedule. I am exhausted out of pure lack of sleep. I am hoping my body adjusts to the change in my schedule and I can get on track. I feel like I am making excuses. . . I guess life interrupts our goals sometimes and that just means we have to work around the setback. I have a little time this morning cuz I woke up earlier than I expected (a good sign that I am adjusting) so I am going to hit some Ab Ripper this morning, that's about all I have time for I think. Better than nothing.


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