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Monday, May 10, 2010

No running for me

I was concerned about the immense pain I was having in my lower legs when I was running, so I asked Pittsburgh docs about it while I was there. They really had no major concerns. I wanted to make sure I wasn't having any funky reactions to drugs or my blood pressure was weird in my legs when I ran. I guess it could just be that I am out of shape for running, but no matter how much I build up to running, I still experience the 'swollen' feeling. So their only opinion was to eliminate running and to focus more on swimming, walking, etc. Nothing that takes my feet off the ground. I am still unable to 'commit' to not taking my feet off the ground~ I do really enjoy the challenge running gives me :)

Today I was good though. I 'ran' 10 minutes on the elliptical machine which is harder than I thought. Then I did weights, sit-ups, leg presses, and about 25 sit-ups and finished off with a 5 minute walk to cool down. . . so overall I think I got a super workout. That might just be my workout routine for a while.

*My Vitamin D levels were REALLY low, they said that could effect my bones. . .so maybe that's my culprit??? We'll see if anything changes when I boost my Vit D.

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