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Monday, September 20, 2010

Transplant Games 2012

I obviously for several reason was not able to attend the 2010 transplant games. . .but 2012 will be approaching sooner than I will know it!! I don't think the location has been announced, but I hope it's close to whereever I am living :) Either way I will have more support and Bryan has promised to make sure I get there!  My CF friend Nina texted me from the ICU and said something like "we are gonna kick some butt at the 2012 transplant games". . . .so I can't disappoint her. I must get into butt kicking shape :)

So there is no better time than the present to start whipping myself back into shape. The weather here in Phoenix is still hot, but it should start cooling off and I will get out a little more & do some training. Hopefully when we move I will be able to get a coach or persaonal trainer to really get me ready for competition.

As of today I am going to start running regularly and getting my little flabby tummy firmed up! Swimming almost daily agian and just sticking to it better! This I promise myself today! :)

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  1. Didn't workout today: Tomorrow's goal is to NOT LET DISTRACTIONS STOP ME! I am in control of what I do in my day. I am in control of how hard I work to be my best. . .and I am not my best yet!