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Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Vibrams!

So I used some Christmas Gift and bought myself a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers becuase I love my other ones so much. I seriously have worn them 80% of the time in the last year I have had them :) I think I have only bought one other pair of shoes I loved his much and those were my London Underground chunky leather sandals back in High School! :)

Okay so these new vibrams are set up more for running/cross training and trail running! Which I plan on doing more of here in Norman. I also have a rumor for anyone who follows this blog. . .which isn't very many people haha.

Transplant Games 2012. . . . . . .I haven't heard anything 'official' and this is a rumor, but from a pretty reliable source. . . . . .one word. . . . . .Pittsburgh!!! I am seriously really hoping this ends up being true becuase of course I got my lungs there and I know the area, so it would be easy for me get there and get some of my family to go and support me!!!! hooray! I will post the 'official' transplant location when it's announced.

Here's to training for the 2012 games in my new Vibrams!!!!

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