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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vibram Treksport

So I got my new Vibrams and I was smart and gave them a day of wear before I went outside and did much with them. Something was wrong with the right shoe. The left shoe fit perfectly, but the right one pinched my pinky toe so much it was literally unbearable. I took them back and traded them for an exact pair/size/style/color. I walked around the store in them for about 15 minutes to see if they hurt my foot too.  Luckily they didn't so the store switched them out. I wore them around the apartment all day yesterday to make sure they weren't going to hurt and they never did. So tomorrow will be the first day I try them out on the treadmill :) If it warms back up here than I will probably head out for some nice road/trail running. There is a lot more of that here than where we lived in Phoenix!

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