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Friday, February 11, 2011

Gotta Motivate

So. . .I am actually feeling pretty ashamed. My last post here was 4 weeks ago, I can't believe that because that means it's been over 4 weeks since I "worked out" last. I guess I have got my Wii fitness stamps several times in the last couple weeks. I am just starting to feel like this cold I have been down with is starting to finally come to an end.  No more coughing up crummy looking junk and my head is not nearly as stuffy! I should be back on the treadmill by first of next week.  I'm just going to take a second to remind myself of a couple goals/new years resolutions that I made to myself. . . .

1- 6 pack abs!
2- Firm Butt
3- Shapely Legs
4- overall muscle tone
5- No more muffin top (even it is a little one)
6- 2012 Transplant Games (that will take me this year and next year to prep for it)

I just really need to get motivated again. I can feel my physical endurance slipping, and my couch potato figure needs to end~ Only a couple months until bikini season :) So come Monday I am done resting, my body better be ready to kick it into high gear. 

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