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P90X Half Way There!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Well, its officially conquered :) I don't have my official time but it was under 42 minutes (I think). They will post our times on the website some time today or tomorrow? Bryan was able to get some time off work so he was there at the finish line & took some pics, I can't post them yet cuz they are on his phone. But I will as soon as he gets home!

So I beat the goal I set. . .I stayed to hear the 'winning times' and if I can shave off about 20 minutes I would have a chance at placing. haha! I'll get right on that for my next 5K!

It was tough, I walked a little. . .but ran more than I walked. I figure I averaged about a 13.5 minute mile. Not terrible for my first race. I didn't come in last that's for sure :) My calves did great & I ran in my Vibrams (barefoot running) however my hips were cramping close to the finish line, but I pushed through it and ran about as fast I could across the football field and finished strong. . .then limped away with pride. haha!

*My chipped time was 40:58!! I ended up with a pace of 13.10 minute miles. I am happy with those results, but now I have a time to beat next time :)

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