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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting started again. .

I feel like I repeat "getting started" a lot. haha, but the key is I don't stop and then just 'give up'. Even if I have to start over with my workout goals every couple of months that just means I don't get frustrated and say "to H3LL with it" LOL

Sometimes I feel discouraged and sure I'm not perfect at my working out. . but what I do is better than doing nothing. HOWEVER, that being said, It's starting to get REALLY nice here and just the other day I did an hour pole workout along with a nice walk/run around my new neighborhood :) I stopped in at the YMCA to look into a membership. They have a pool and LOTS of workout machines, free weights, an indoor track and many different classes. The monthly dues are a little steep but since it has the pool and the indoor track AND weights then I'm tempted.

HERE"S TO "starting again"

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