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Friday, June 25, 2010

Got my run on!

Went to the gym today and decided to get some running in. A while back I posted about my calves feeling like they were going to explode when I ran for even short periods of time. . .I must have fixed the problem. I have been slowing my running speed down to about 4.3 miles per hour and I can don't get the pain and can run for a longer time period before having to walk. I finished my mile off at .80 to 100 doing a speed of 6 mph :) It was tough, but I just wanted to push myself at the end! All in all I am still at about 15 minute mile. Slow and steady works for me. I am not in a race against anyone but myself  :)

I have my 3rd Pole class on Monday, then I will not be around to attend it for 2-3 Mondays :(  Hope I don't start all over with the sore arms, shoulders.....well everything ~

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