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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Running improved!

I hit the gym today. . . as much as I LOVE swimming I don't think I am getting quite enough of a workout from it. As I said in my last post Bryan has also joined the "Working Out" club, so with that I kinda started feeling a little guilty. It's been a little while since I actually went to the gym and how can I tell Bryan he should go if I don't. I did a mile and I ran most of it! I figured out why my calves were hurting when I run. . .I was running at too high of a speed! When I bumped it down to 4.3 miles per hour vs 5.8 It was easier! I have a short stride so it makes sense. I will just gradually build up to 6 miles per hour. I also did shoulders and triceps, the other machines were all broken~ guess it's time to complain!

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