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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am not a slacker

I haven't posted here for a week. . .but that doesn't mean I was slacking off :) Nope, I have actually put in a good workout almost every day. Since I posted about my blistered feet, I have gone for another run on the treadmill and did 20 minutes. I am going to really push to be ready to run a 5K in the spring. . .April/May-ish. I haven't found one to register yet. There is several in Oklahoma City, but I would like to find one closer to Norman. Oklahoma City is about 30-45 minutes away, so it's do-able. 

I have been really getting into utilizing my Wii Fit and as I get used to some of the workouts I find myself fitting in a good 30 minute workout daily. I am mostly working towards muscle tone and aerobic to keep my lungs in great shape! Oh, and working towards tight, flat abs :) 

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