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Saturday, February 26, 2011

major workout day

Today my friend Shelli and I drove into Oklahoma City to check out a Pole Fitness class. It was different than what I was used to in Phoenix at "Pink Fitness". This class was definately more about focusing on stretching and building the "right" muscles to be able to do Pole Fitness. I learned something new though. I learned how to climb the pole and sit. I have the bruises to prove it :) Coumidin tends to make me bruise easily. My shoulders and arms are feeling it already! We have decided to take their 'Pole Kitten' class next time which will focus on more spins and moves. I am probably a level 2 or close to that but I will take their 'beginning' level class to see how well I do. This is such an amazing full body workout and also a HUGE self image booster. It's empowering and sensual. What woman doesn't want to feel like that :)

I didn't just go to class. . .Shelli wanted to also hit the gym and get a good lower body workout too. So we did that. I did a 25 minute treadmill run/walk. I am doing good with the 'couch to 5K' schedule. I am building endurance a little bit at a time. Slow and steady. I may be pretty sore for a couple days, but I enjoy all the great ways to really keeping my workout interesting, fun, and never boring :) 

Well my arms are just about too sore to keep typing. . just kidding. . but they are sore! Awwwww, love the pain of muscle and strength building in my body!!!!

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