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Monday, August 15, 2011

30 minutes on treadmill

I worked the treadmill for 30 minutes and probably ran/jogged 1/2 the time. .on and off a little. I am having some calves pain mainly in my right leg which inhibits me from running as much as i would like. I am trying to take it slow and hope the muscle builds a little. I have a NASTY bruise with a bump in the center where I am assuming I hit my leg on something (I can't remember those kinds of things with Prograf Brain) and since I am on blood thinners I bruise really easily. I think that might be contributing a little to the tenderness.  But I did more tonight and I wasnt' short of breath, didn't get a red face and actually had enough energy to return to my apartment and clean and make dinner :) yeah, I'm feeling like superwoman right now!!!

Yesterday I registered for the 5K for Diabetes on the 17th of September. . .I am not going to expect awesome results considering it's relatively close so my training won't do me a TON of good. However, I am not out to win. . I am just out to do it, only competing against myself so it's a win, win situation ;)

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