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Monday, August 1, 2011

Lap Swimming

I put on my Nike Swimsuit and went down to the pool today. . .I don't like going cuz there is always pre-adult 20-somethings laying around the pool area perfecting their 'skin cancer' (aka: tans). The pool is just an accesory to give them a reason to gather and parade around in bikinis. Anyways, so I feel weird sometimes lap swimming cuz I am pretty sure I am the ONLY one that utilizes the purpose of having a body of water nearby. Haha~ However, I went down today. . .put on my swim goggles and swam till my body hurt (which sadly didn't take very long). I think I swam for about 20 or 30 minutes is all. I used to be able to swim laps for about an hour without much resting. If I want to ever compete in a sprint tri I definately have to work up my endourance.

I worked on my breast stroke, freestyle(front crawl), side stroke, and the butterfly which is the most difficult stroke. I am sure my legs are going to be sore and my shoulders already feel jello . . .a good sign :) I am hoping to get down to swim at least daily or every other day. I need to watch the pool and figure out when all the Barbies vacate so I can swim laps in peace :) Probably after the sun isn't "Ideal Tanning" time of day.

P90X later today for sure. I am going to get back into my routine so I am in optimal health!!

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