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Friday, August 12, 2011

Why I am running

I have been stretching and stretching and rubbing my calves. . .however, they are still pretty sore. The second day is always worse right? Tomorrow I will definately be hitting the treadmill and hopefully overcome my weak calves quickly by building strength back up :)

The first 5K that I am shooting for is located at OU campus and is for Diabetes. The second one is the following week also here in Norman for Big Brothers/Sisters program. . .then the 3rd run is for Outrun CF! Not for myself anymore cuz I don't have CF Lungs, but for all my CF friends who got their angel wings instead of new lungs and for those who are still fighting and hoping for a cure :)

I'll be running for these CF angels: Aaron Mackey, Perrin Campbel, Becky Campbell, Melissa Ferguson, Kristy Merrit, Charlton Palmer, Craig Hanson, Shelly Copp . . .and many more :)

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