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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back and Biceps

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE sculpted biceps? Not just on men, but I think a nice toned arm on a woman is so beautiful. Well, I am on my way to having just that. . .beautifully sculpted arms. Biceps have been something I have always wanted. I HATED having skinny little CF arms and Skinny little CF legs which pre-transplant is hard to get rid of especially cuz our bodies tend to be wider and thicker than pretty much the rest of our bodies. haha! I think I may finally escape the CF look, thanks to my transplant and a little hard work building and sculpting my new found body weight!!
These are the weights I currently use, however it won't be long before I will need to UP my weights. These are around 8-10 lbs. . .I need a set that goes up to around 25 lbs probably :) I am planning on being able to curl at least that by the time I am done!!
Week 5 Day 3 done. . . Hooray

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