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Friday, April 22, 2011

Yoga with a little improvement

I am just having to really struggle through Yoga X. I have not mastered very many moves or built the stamina to complete the 90 minute DVD. However, I give it my best and each time I get a little stronger, a little more flexible and can go a little farther. . .I am hoping to be able to do the whole 90 minutes in the next couple of weeks! One thing I notice is my prograf tremors when I do Yoga. Holding and posing causes a lot of muscles to go crazy with tremors, I fall and I get back into the pose and I try again.

Did my Best and forgot the Rest~

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  1. Yoga is a practice that is what all my Yoga teachers preach. I love yoga.
    check out the Yoga breathing exercises. I am not the same without them. Pranayama breathing exercises.

    Keep up the GREAT work! you inspire me to the max.