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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 5 Day 1

So I have completed my first 3 weeks of solid workouts, my "rest' or 4th week is done and Now it's Week 5 DAY ONE: So yep, you guessed it PHOTO TIME! I decided to add a little flex pic in there just to show off, however, I am not very good at flexing and my I usually just end up pulling a funny face like I am constipated or something. hahaha. I did Chest, Shoulders & Triceps. . .and the workout got tougher than week 1-3. WOW, I am not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow~ YIPPEE!!

Bryan Measured my Biceps for me and flexed they were like 9.5 inches, not too shabby

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  1. Can definitely see a difference! Keep it up cyster!!!