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P90X Half Way There!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Finally!!! I got the X Pole I have been wanting for like a year now! I got a great deal on this. It's a Killer Workout. . . .if you have never tried it, you won't believe how sore you are the next day. You can search to see if there is a pole fitness class in your area and take a beginner class. I took one and have been hooked every since. It's a Shoulder and Arm workout that is amazing and FUN at the same time. I got this from a woman here local who was selling it. It is spinning and static and I got it for $150. They retail for around $369 + $40 shipping. Yeah, I'm very happy with the deal I got.

I have to do my P90X workout tonight still. I have been a little distracted and my arms and shoulders already hurt. LOL. I will still fit in my workout. It's Plyometrics tonight. UGH


  1. go you hanging like that!!!

  2. So healthy body you have. I am truly motivated by you. On this age you maintain your body that amazed me too much.
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  3. Ha, I used to take pole dancing aerobics my last two years of college. It was awesome! I realized pretty quick how strong my abs and arms were. I'm guessing you can invert?

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