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P90X Half Way There!!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Week. . .. .more progress!


It's Monday! I already went down to the pool today and did some light swimming. . . .I am going to hit the treadmill tonight. I am trying to remember to get Bryan to take a "before" picture for me to have to compare to in a few months from now. It's funny though, I have improved muscle tone already in just a month or so! Hooray!

*Went to the gym. . . ran 1 minute (6mph) walked 2 minutes. . . . couldn't do quite 10 times, but close. My calves were going to explode! I will build up to it might take me a couple days :) I did about a 13 minute mile~ so not too bad. I jogged back to my apartment and realized it was easier jogging on the pavement then when I am on a treadmill. . . wonder why? Didn't hurt my calves as much. . .

Wednesday. . . I'll get the reps done 10 times!

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