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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Running. . . .

I think I am going to focus on my running a little harder than biking/swimming. I will still incorporate swimming and do some biking, but until Spring 2010 I think I will focus mainly on building up my running endurance.

I have a couple reasons for this:
#1 I feel Running is my weakest aspect
#2 I want to challenge myself. . . try to do a race in Jan/Feb :)

There are several opportunities here in the Phoenix area to participate in many races/runs/marathons. . . .I also think I will get into great shape inside and out if I build up my running. I actually have always enjoyed running, it's tough, but it is so rewarding after you have pushed yourself and accomplished more than you thought you could!

I found a good beginner running schedule so I will also post it in case anyone might want to use it. Like the triathlon workout, I will post the upcoming weeks workout the Sunday before. So watch for it coming soon!

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