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Monday, October 18, 2010

legs don't fail me now

I am still running a little slower mile than I would like. . .but small improvements each day keep me optimistic! Today I noticed my legs didn't THROB and ache as much when I slowed from a run to a walk :) Improvement~ and also I can easily do 2-3 minutes runs without stopping. I pounded out the last .25 of my mile with an increased speed to 6.5 mph (I usually run at around 4.8-5.5)

I struggled today a little and I am thinking it's cuz the apartment complex has the gym temp set to like 80 degrees! No JOKE~ I was dying and felt exhuasted. . .I think I am going to ask them to adjust that or turn on the cieling fans at least. That might help my endourance a little.

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