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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ripple effect

You ever noticed that you can tap your thigh and it kinda ripples through the layer of (un-toned) muscle. Yeah, I notice it :) BUT I use it as part of my motivation!! I have noticed that I barely have any ripples and they definately don't go all the way across my thigh. I don't mean to point out the whole ripple thing, but since tight, muscular, shapely legs is one of the goals I am working towards I point this out only to remind myself to get out and run.

Today I REALLY was tempted to stay on the couch in my loungy, comfy sweat pants all day. I am really stressed out over what is going to happen in my life in the next 4 weeks. SO, when I get stressed I get overwhelmed and when I get overwhelmed I want to just shut down. I want to isolate myself and over-think things until I drive myself crazy. That is exactly why I just closed the computer, pushed everything to the back of my mind and hit the gym. I figured it would help. Of course it helped a little. The stress is still there but exerting some energy definatly helped :) Excercise is good for the body and the mind!!!!

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