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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moti, Moti, got a lot of Motivation!

I almost allowed myself to be lazy and almost justified why I didn't have to run today. . .but as I sat on the couch I started thinking of what my goals are and I know if I justify not going to the gym today then tomorrow it will be even easier to not go. Once I put on my workout clothes and my Nike's I already feel better. I have good goals. Prednisone can cause wieght gain. . .a typical CF diet after a transplant can cause wieght gain, so I want to counter act that some. Don't get me wrong I don't want to be too skinny, I want to be healthey!!! One of my goals is to get my legs sexy and toned and my abs flat and tight so that's good motivation for me to not sit and ignore what I want. I also have some pretty precious lungs to keep in pristine shape. I also only have about 1.5 years to get into transplant games shape~

So today I did run my mile and I shaved about another minute off my time. I am a little more consistantly around 13 minute miles. Of course I am going to need to increase my distance within the next month, but to run a mile is a good start. My legs are still building up endourance and I have noticed a big improvement just in the last 2 weeks. . .dedication to a daily run really pays off   :) I pushed through my last .10 mile and sprinted at 7.5 mph!!!

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