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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running in my Vibrams

Today I figured I would give my vibram 5 fingers another chance. Last time I ran in them I got a blister on my left big toe.  I have been gettting foot pain when I run. The bottom of my foot in and around my arch. I have very thin feet with high arches and I think my running shoes are causing some discomfort or stress on my arches. So I thought a more natural step would be beneficial. Vibrams give you a very natural feel and also causes your feet and leg muscles to build strength. In order to prevent blisters again I put bandaids on my big toe to give it a little protection.
Five Fingers sprint 1 Pictures, Images and Photos 
*Mine are actually blue and lime green. .but you get the idea what they look like.

I ran and my legs were feeling the extra workout. But I completed my 20 minutes and ran about a 15 min. mile. The vibrams take some building up to. However my feet did feel a little better. I might also try some shoe inserts for running and see if that helps. I know I am going to be more particular when I buy my next pair of running shoes. . .but until I can afford that, I will make do.

I just found out they are making a style now redesigned for running called Vibram 'Speed' and another called 'Bikila'! I want a pair now. They come in pink. . . .another thing to add to my wish list!

Also here is a cool video demonstrating good running form and narrated so you can understand it. This was super helpful for me.

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Good Running Form In Action from Good Form Running AZ on Vimeo.

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