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Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 7 . . . Should be my rest day

Yesteday "Day 7" should have been my rest day, but I am having to move the workout around a little for a couple days so I can get on the week/day schedule that I want. . .which is to set it up so Sunday is my rest day not Thursday :) SO I manipulated and switched out a few workouts. I did Ab Ripper yesterday and went bowling last night (which I a sore from doing). It has been years, since before my lung transplant that I have gone bowling. My shoulder and back are feeling it. I bowled with a 10 lb ball most the night :)

My Abs are looking a "little" tighter and I can see slight improvement. I am being really obedient and not doing ab ripper every day, which is what I would like to do since it's one of my main focus areas. Every other day though no matter what! Today I will just do stretch X and Saturday I will do Ab Ribber and probably legs/Back. . .we'll see. Then Sunday REST DAY with a fresh start Monday on track so I don't have to change the workout around at all!

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