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P90X Half Way There!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

P90X Day 1

Yesterday was my 'Day 1' of the workout program p90x. I am going to take off from running for a while since p90x doesn't really incorporate running. It includes a good cardio workout along with the muscle and strength training. 

So I started with day 1 workout on March 16, 2011 which was 'shoulders and chest'. I added 'ab ripper' too since my abs are one my focus areas. I can do 'ab ripper' every other day! So here is my evaluation of the workout. Super hard! I don't have bands or a pull up bar yet, so that part of the workout I had to skip (for now).  I am not even sure how many push ups I did. I will be making a chart/sheet to track my workout more accurately in a day or so. The Ab Ripper was a killer ab workout! I have always had a difficult time finding ab workouts that make me very sore (due to my CF abs which I still seem to have a little). My lower abs are extremely sore which I LOVE!  The 'recommended' times for pictures to compare results are about every 30 days. I may post pics more frequent than that, so here is Day ONE pictures. :) bleh. I see lots of room for improvement!

 Day ONE front
Day ONE back
Day TWO:

Thursday March 17, 2011 I did day 2 workout which was plyometrics. It is all jumping and lunges. It was so very, very hard. in fact I barely made it through and didn't quite finish the whole thing before my legs buckled under the muscle fatigue. Plyometrics by far kicked my trash! I am looking forward to the day I am strong enough to complete that and keep up with the instructor :) So that's my review/response to day 2.

I can't raise my arms above my head, my chest aches,  it hurts to sit up or cough or laugh, and my triceps are very tender. So my final thoughts on my first 2 days are. . .so far it seems to be working :)

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