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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why am I doing this??

Maybe someone who reads this blog may ask themselves "why is Jamie doing this?". . . sometimes I ask myself that. Why do I exercise?? My number one reason I push myself to workout and stay fit is because I understand the physical and medical benefits from it. Also I get a lot mental and emotional benefits as well. I feel better about myself when I can look into the mirror and know I put in the work to look the way I do. I don't ever want to feel like I have "settled" and I am pretty sure that would create some unhappiness for me. I KNOW what I can change about myself. I KNOW that there is always one thing I have control over even if it is the only thing I have control over and that is my level of fitness. When I was just months/weeks from transplant and I only had around 11% lung function, I would get out and try to get some kind of exercise. I walked on the treadmill at the gym and rode my horse with my portable oxygen slung across my back.

Now that I am post transplant I believe it is even more important than ever. I have the gift of my donor's lungs inside my body and I believe it is my responsibility to keep those lungs as active and healthy as I possibly can. I wouldn't be doing my new lungs justice if I didn't do all I can do to accomplish peak performance out of them.  *This is my opinion* I know of people who are over weight, inactive, and unhappy with the size, shape, or weigth they are right now, however, they can have control over all those. Exercise, in whatever form you enjoy, will make you feel better, look better and improve your self esteem. So I am doing what I do because I have experienced first hand all those benefits.

Living with CF can create physical abnormality's and although others may have never noticed them. . .I did. I tried to focus on the things I COULD change. I couldn't change my clubbed fingers, or my barrel (rounded) chest/back. I couldn't change those things, but I could change my weight, my muscle tone, my ability to keep up with those around me who had 100% lung capacity. I could do all those things because I put in the hard work. If you think it's TOO HARD. . . .it was harder for me & I did it . . .I am still doing it!
Day 6- Kenpo X

Did it, don't care for it cuz I actually took karate for years and this "kenpo/karate" form sucks. . so I altered the way I did some of the punches, blocks, and kicks :) I was pretty sweaty afterward though!!

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